The legend of Cornelius Trunchpole

One Show Entertainment - Merit award

A few of years ago I attempted to start my very own ad agency, one with a rather peculiar concept at its heart. Instead of launching a new agency, I wanted to "re-launch" a fictional old one from the 1960's - a sort of Ogilvy & Mather that time forgot. In order to do so I used social media to stage the mysterious "comeback" of fictional 60's advertising legend, and agency figurehead, Cornelius Trunchpole. 

Trunchpole, and the mystery surrounding his "return" to the business, captured the imagination of the industry, attracting thousands of followers and an army of Trunchpole activists ready and willing to do anything from designing the agency logo to flyposting NYC with Trunchpole's image.  Trunchpole's popularity in the industry even allowed me to write and produce a mockumentary about the man, starring real life advertising legends Lee Clow, Jeff Goodby, Gerry Graf, Steve Hayden and Eric Kallman. 

In the end I never quite managed to get the agency off the ground (though I did come pretty close!), but it was certainly a whole lot of fun trying.

Here you can see a case study for the project, as well as the award winning mockumentary I made all about Trunchpole, titled "Art & Corny".